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Neale Family Descendants Gather at Historic Inn for Special Reunion

On Sunday 24th March, the historic Inn welcomed a special gathering of 17 members from the Neale family for a heartfelt reunion filled with tea, scones, and cherished memories. This unique event not only celebrated family ties but also highlighted the rich history intertwined with the Inn's legacy.

The Neale family's connection to the Inn runs deep through generations, tracing back to Henry Neale, who served as a publican for two years following William Horton's passing while the Inn was still under the Horton family's ownership. Henry's daughter, Sarah Neale, played a pivotal role in the Inn's history as she met Richard Lynch there, leading to their marriage and eventual acquisition of the Inn from the Horton Estate. This double connection to the Inn made the gathering a poignant moment for the Neale family members.

During the reunion, attendees traded stories and information, deepening their understanding of their shared heritage. Notably, Gaby Espino, a family member, shared insights from her extensive work on the Neale family tree. This collaboration not only filled in historical gaps but also strengthened the bond between the family and the Inn.

" It was a very rewarding occasion, and they were so grateful to be able to visit," expressed Sharon Kinnear, Site Coordinator, the Inn's host for this memorable event. "We were able to trade information seamlessly, and Gaby's contributions to our knowledge were invaluable."

The exchange of knowledge and shared experiences during this reunion underscored the importance of preserving family history and honouring the legacies of those who came before. As the Inn continues to be a beacon of heritage and community, events like these serve as reminders of the enduring connections that unite us across time and generations.


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