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Thank you for taking the time to consider The National Trust of Australia (Queensland) [NTAQ] in your will.


For many reasons, we are not able to give as generously during our lives as we might have wanted. The National Trust in Queensland is a registered charity and a deductible gift recipient. This allows you more flexibility in the type of gift and the timing of your gift based on your wishes.

We also encourage you to seek legal advice on the making of your will and to have had a conversation with loved ones, so that your gift is understood.

Since 1963, The NTAQ has been the recipient of several wills. Generous bequests and donations allow National Trust to carry out its work to protect, conserve and celebrate Queensland's environmental, built, and cultural heritage.

Through the generous gifts we can:

  • Implement and resource interpretation, education and learning programs to support curriculum guidelines and meet the needs of communities. 

  • Protect the natural reserves that contain endangered flora and fauna and help ensure that their environment and habitats are protected for future generations.

  • Provide strong advocacy around the protection and conservation of our state heritage places. 

  • To bring into the direct care of The Trust, areas of heritage that are at a high risk of being lost as by their nature are unable to look after themselves. 

  • Care of the collection of works of art, furniture, decorative arts, and other materials that relate to historic properties. 

  • Maintain and provide community access to the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) portfolio of heritage places, buildings of interest, nature reserves and trails. 


There are several ways you can leave a legacy to support environmental/natural, built, or cultural heritage:


Whole or part of your estate

You can leave your entire estate or any part of your estate to NTAQ.

A specific bequest

You can leave any identifiable property as a bequest to NTAQ in your Will. A specific gift may include any sum of money, cash balances in a bank account, a residential house, commercial real estate, or company shares.

A percentage of your estate

A common issue when determining a gift of a specific cash amount is: How can I decide on a figure when I do not know how much will be left in my estate when the time comes? Making your gift a percentage of your estate, or the residual of your estate means no matter what the value of your final estate, the proportion you intended for the NTAQ will remain the same.

A residual bequest

A residual gift to NTAQ is a direction to your Executor that, once all specific gifts are distributed to the beneficiaries named in your Will and your debts are paid, the remainder (or a proportion of the remainder) of your estate will be paid to NTAQ. 

Gift in specie

If you are considering leaving real estate or shares to NTAQ, you may wish to consider leaving the gift in specie. This means the gift may be transferred directly to NTAQ and may save your estate paying capital gains tax on the sale of the asset. We recommend you seek appropriate legal and/or financial advice before making your will to determine the suitability of a specie gift. 

Life Interest

Sometimes a supporter intends to gift a property to NTAQ but also wishes to allow a family member or friend to live in that home for some time. Once that time has passed, the property will be sold, and the proceeds paid to NTAQ.

Suggested wording...


Here is the correct wording for a gift to be made to The National Trust Australia (Queensland) in your Will or codicil (amendment to your Will) ​​​​.

I give: 

(a) the residue (or percentage) of the residue of my estate; or 

(b) the sum of $(amount); or (specified items) 

to the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) (ABN 85 836 591 486) to be held upon Trust and to be applied towards conservation purposes in accordance with the Constitutional objectives of the NATIONAL TRUST of AUSTRALIA (Queensland) in its absolute discretion to determine.’ 


A bequest that supports our work providing protection and conservation of the environmental, built, and cultural heritage, in general, provides us with the greatest flexibility to respond to critical priorities in the future; however, if you have a particular purpose in mind, please contact us to discuss your wishes. 

Please let us know if you have included NTAQ in your Will or are considering it so we can assist you with the process and so we can thank you properly.

Contact 07 5534 0873 or email

If The National Trust is not there to protect our heritage - then who will be?