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School Excursions

Children study history at school but what’s the most fun way to learn? A school excursion of course!

Heritage education is important as it helps the students connect to the past and immerse in the culture of yesteryear. 

School groups will take a journey back to the past when Royal Bull’s Head Inn at Drayton was the centre of the town. 

Life was very different from today.
Through this school program with links to the History curriculum. It allows students to be immersed in life as it was in the 1800’s.
, students will explore, recognise and appreciate the history of their local area by examining the remains of the past and considering why they should be preserved.

The history of the Royal Bull’s Head Inn can be divided into three key periods to facilitate student investigation and learning:

  • 1847-1875 when the Royal Bull’s Head Inn operated as an hotel and tavern
  • 1879-1973 when the Inn was used as a family home and post office up until 1952
  • 1973 to the present. It is owned by the National Trust and operated as a museum.

Key themes that are the focus of the accompanying work programs are:

  • The building’s function as a community hub throughout its history (inn, post office, museum)
  • Changes in technology over the period of the building’s history (e.g. cooking, washing, transport) 
  • The role of museums and heritage places in our society – the contribution of individuals and groups to the development of Australian society (e.g. pioneers, explorers, pastoralists)
  • Development of colonial society and the Australian colonies (e.g. the expansion of the Darling Downs and the development of Toowoomba).

The National Trust has prepared an Australian Curriculum Work Program, in the History subject area, that relates to Royal Bull’s Head Inn.
This education program provides opportunities for students to develop historical understanding.



Toowoomba Christian College

Toowoomba Christian College has been attending the Royal Bulls Head Inn with our Grade 2 classes for the past 5+ years as an excursion that shows real life experiences for the early settlers in their local area. This year, the children had the opportunity to have some hands on experiences also with butter making, bread crumb grinding, morse code, and washing clothes with a wash board. The volunteers are very knowledgable and friendly and the Inn is a beautifully preserved reminder of how far we have come.

This year was the first year that the children have had these 'hands-on' opportunities and this year, the response from the children has been pure delight and a desire to learn more about some of the old ways that things were done.

Thank you for preserving this unique historical site for the locals of the area. Thank you for opportunity to share this history with the younger generations, we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School

During our Year 3 unit about "Who Has lived in Our Place?" our classes had the pleasure of visiting the Royal Bulls Head Inn in Drayton.

The children were fascinated by the way people cooked, slept, played, washed, collected water and of course, went to the toilet, in days gone by.

The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and very patient with the many questions the children had. Having such a valuable resource for the children to experience provides life long memories. Thank you for keeping our history alive in such an interactive manner.

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